Backdoors & Breaches: Core Deck

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<<<PRE-ORDERING ENDS ON 12/14>>> We will ship your Backdoors & Breaches decks in mid-December and expect your package to arrive by early January. We cannot guarantee they will arrive prior to Christmas. 
Backdoors & Breaches is an Incident Response Card Game created by Black Hills Information and Active Countermeasures to help information security professionals conduct fun and engaging table top exercises. Backdoors & Breaches is also a great way to teach junior members on the team about attack tactics, tools, and procedures.
Backdoors & Breaches is used by High School & University Cyber Clubs, security consultants, Fortune 500 companies, and numerous government agencies all over the world to help individuals and teams find the gaps in their security programs and knowledge. 
Included in each deck: 
  • (10) Initial Compromise, (7) Pivot and Escalate
  • (9) Persistence, (6) C2 and Exfil
  • (10) Procedures, (10) Injects
  • Conduct fun and engaging tabletop exercises

Note: You will need a D20 dice to play the game. Download "How To Play" visual guides and supplemental materials at